Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Selena Gomez Proving She Can Sing?

So, I suppose by now Disney's new bitch Selena Gomez is feeling the backlash from dropping her new single featuring Forever The Sickest Kids called 'Woah Oh' as in 'Woah Oh, whose torturing the neighbour's cat cos that shit sounds nasty?!' To say the least, the single is horrible. Selena's vocals do not match with the vocals of FTSK and it seems like FTSK have no artistic integrity but instead bent over and let Selena do whatever the hell she wanted in that recording studio because let's face it, Selena Gomez gets Google hits and Google hits mean publicity and that's all FTSK care about.

Anyways, Selena's new YouTube video is an ode to her friends and family back home in Texas and I have to warn you... she sings the entire way through. Is Miss Squeaky Clean starting to feel the pressure of not being perfect and can't take it? It seems like she's desperate to prove she can sing!

Sorry, Sel Bel, you're a cute kid but you're music career's really really really not going anywhere.

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Anonymous said...

You're just jeleous.