Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Chris Brown Is Still Cool?

Chris Brown just beat up Rihanna. That much we know for sure. We know he choked her and he threatened to kill her and messed up her face bad enough for everyone to wince and go 'Ooo that's not purttty.' Other then that, we don't know much else because both Rihanna and Chris Brown have kept pretty much mum on the subject. So we've been left to fantasize and run wild with our imaginations about all the happenings and ins-and-outs of the situation. I think it's pretty safe to say we've run so wild that Chris is now a the demonic spawn of Hitler and Satan (If you know, Hitler and Satan were a gay couple who'd adopted).

Anyways, the gist of it is that we haven't seen or heard much from Chris and so much has been speculated. Therefore, Chris's 're-emergence' into Hollywood and into the lives of his fans should be tastefully done and subtlely approached. He should be humble enough that we want to forgive him.

And guess what the genius came up with?


'I'm not a monster, y'all. Oh oh and uh, buy my album, yeah man.'

Well, I'm not convinced... BITCH.

Bitch, drop the street talk and the ghetto wear and hang your head in shame. Don't walk around like you're still the hottest shit. Ass.

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