Friday, 31 October 2008

Selena Gomez Is Everywhere

Remember when Miley Cyrus started out in Hannah Montana and then suddenly, it turned out millions of kids were watching the show (I admit it, I'm an addict) and then the demons at Disney suddenly got green dollar signs flashing in their eyes? Miley was everywhere! A world tour, a book, a 3D movie, best selling albums... she was everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.

These days Miley prefers to experiment in dating, take typical MySpace pictures and raunch up her photoshoots and neither Disney nor the world can seem to accept the fact that Miley is a hormonal 16 year old whose gonna grow boobs and hump around. So in comes the replacement, she's innocent, sweet and wispy. She's Selena Gomez.

The difference between her and Miley? Well, for one thing, people actually liked Hannah Montana before Disney started pimping that bitch out. Wizards of Waverly Place has kind of been forced on us, we've been watching it only to see the girl Disney have openly dubbed 'The New Miley - and this time, we removed her genitals to ensure she'll stay our property!' The show is still lame.

Now, Selena is everywhere. The girl has a Wizards of Waverly Place movie coming out (yippeee... not!), an album and today it's been announced that she's opening her own production company - called July Moon Productions. Selena will be given the power to option articles, hire screenwriters and tie additional talent to packages that can then be shopped to studios. First of all, she's a 16 year old girl from Texas who has only been in the spotlight for a few months - and only because of Miley Cyrus, let's face it.
She's pretty and talented but she is no way qualified to run a production company and make those decisions. I bet Disney are just using her name and face for the company but really some boring old 40 something year old grey haired dude will be doing all the real work.

Sorry Selena but my love affair with you is over. Miley broke my heart by growing up and you're just getting annoying - you keep popping up everywhere! DAYUM.

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