Monday, 15 September 2008

Mischa Barton Is Doing Some Good

Wow, I just posted a blog about how much I love celebs doing charity work and using their famous faces to promote good causes and what do I get?

Pictures of Mischa Barton in South Africa, working closely with Save The Children as part of an outreach program.

She recently visited school children in the poverty-stricken township of Soweto, an urban area in the City of Johannesburg, in Gauteng, South Africa.

Of her experiences, she says:
“I visited a primary school in Soweto, where a lot of the children are orphans and there is a high incidence of AIDS. I helped prepare and serve lunch to the children; it’s just simple maize and for many it’s the only meal they get. We chatted and I took part in their class. They are heartbreakingly beautiful children. I feel so privileged that I could just meet [the children] and hope to make a difference!”

For more pictures, click here

SOURCE: Celebuzz

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