Monday, 15 September 2008

Matt Damon Is Making My Day

Alright, so earlier on, if you didn't already know, I was talking about how nice it is that celebrities use their famous faces to promote good causes and I wished that there was more of it.

Well, since then, I've discovered that Mischa Barton is in South Africa helping children in need, Miley and the Jonas Brothers are hugging it out and playing charity concerts together and now... MATT DAMON is in Haiti raising awareness about the storms that have been happening there.

Damon is there with Haitian-born Wyclef Jean as part of a humanitarian effort to help survivors of tropical storm Hanna and Hurricane Ike.

No more pics as of yet!

Also, can I just say: I WOULD LIKE ONE MILLION AMERICAN DOLLARS, please. Thank you. OK. If it happens, you guys will probably never hear from me again. Well, at least for the next decade or so. You'll be seeing me around 2020 though, that's when my world domination plans kick in.

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