Monday, 20 July 2009


The Jonas Brothers are on their world tour right now. Inbetween shows, the boys have set up their own baseball team and they play games that the fans can come to watch as The Road Dogs.

Recently, the boys lost a match and updated their Twitter confirming this.

The link to that picture no longer works. The Jonas Brothers deleted that picture within ten minutes of posting it after they saw the fan comments to it.

Why you may ask?

The picture was innocent enough. It was of a pancake with a smiley face on it. It was the name of the picture file which was rather... questionable.


What?! How?! On?! Earth?!

Well, most likely, one of the purity ring wearers likes to check out Oceanup (as many other Disney celebs have confirmed it is their guilty pleasure) and saw the Miley Cyrus mishap that happened back in late 2008. They saved the um, questionable picture as the pictures on Oceanup were labelled 'mileycyrussideboob1, 2, 3... etc.' Then when they took this picture months later in July, they saved over that picture but failed to notice the file name remained the same.


Here's the original picture:

So to reiterate: Nick Jonas/one of the Jonai has a picture of Miley's boobs on his phone/computer. EEEEEP! Right? RIGHT?! Aww, come on!


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Anonymous said...

#nickjonassideboob is trending, that's wrong! We should post #mileycyrussideboob instead!

Anonymous said...

give her a break.
just give this whole freaking thing a rest.
i cant comprehend how imataure
people can be. SEROUSLY!?!

Anonymous said...

eww what a bunch of freaks...imagine having a pic of miley like that on their phones..perves

CherryVomit said...

thats crazy!

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