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Freepers Are So Crazy, Even Bill O' Is Like 'WTF?!' is of the same vein, more or less, as other Conservative websites that interpret political events through their own political perspective; a lot like and so forth.

Any sane-minded spectator of the FreeRepublic forums will have seen that the website has always walked on thin ice when it comes to issues of race and religion - two of their top targets that are bombarded with hate comments are issues regarding Muslims and blacks.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the 'Freepers' were recently called out on their racist and malicious comments - this time regarding President Obama's daughter; Malia Obama. For the full report, read here.

After gaining such attention from the press; the owner of FreeRepublic was forced to speak. One would expect nothing less than an apology and then for Jim Robinson to walk away with his tail between his legs and his head hanging in shame - because that is what the comments on his website were: a shame.

However, Mr. Robinson's response pretty much summed up why he runs a site like FR. He's the Head Nut after all. Nuttiest of the bunch.

His response (and my rantings in response):

(1)I'll tell you what. The dozen or so insults made by about a half-dozen anonymous members of the general public on an Internet forum were disgraceful. So we pulled them.
Half a dozen or so insults? No, the original thread had over 200 comments that all spewed the same hate and when the media gave the thread more notriety; it was followed by even more responses of like-minded individuals adding their two cents; their two racist cents, might I add.
It is also highly generous of him to dress up the comments as being mere 'insults' - they were a specific type of insult: RACIST insults. Nice way to dodge the bullet there with your fancy rhetoric.
Also, please don't feed us bullshit about them being 'annonymous members of the public.' The website requires people to register and have a login and password to be able to post; in order to do that, they have to submit personal information. It is a website on which the same people return and post on other threads.
These people weren't some crazies who hijacked the thread on a one-off. These sick-thinking individuals are actually are representation of the populace of your forums and a pretty damn shitty representation at that.

(2)But they're really a disgrace to insults in general and to the professional race-baiters of our main stream media that hurl them on a daily basis.
Once again, it's very classy of you to turn this around on your 'enemies' who have nothing to do with this. This is nothing to do with the 'liberal, race-baiting media.' This is you getting caught out and whining like a bitch about it.
Also, let's think about the logic your employing here. YOUR website filled with hundreds of your 'chums' no doubt has just been caught out making lewd and racist remarks about a young black girl and you respond by saying it is the media's fault for nit-picking every story about racism out there and sensationalising it?
Fuck, you're an idiot.
I am THANKFUL that our media is keeping an eye on wannabe Klan members like you so we can keep shit-thinkers like you in line!

(3)Our guys don't hold a candle to the professionals that have spent the last ten years or so pummeling the Bush and Cheney families with thousands of insults every damned day in every newspaper, magazine and TV network broadcasting to the public. Even the movies. Even in the halls of congress, in school rooms, in our churches.
Oh my God - not in our CHURCHES, anywhere but our precious CHURCHES(!) The Left might hold a candle in the media but let's not forget you have the biggest pimp with the biggest candle in the business out there spitting out Conservative propaganda left, right and center. You know the place; the one where all the chicks have bleached blonde hair and there's the odd black or Asian guy roaming the halls; looking oddly out of place - Fox News?

(4)We are bombarded daily by a constant stream of insults hurled by liberals, socialists, Marxists and leftists of every stripe. Family members and children are not immune from the daily barrage of insults from professionals and amateur leftists alike.
Yes, because the Left do not have reproductive organs and therefore do not breed and do not have children. It is only you and people who think like you in the 'Right' who have babies bouncing up and down on your knees. Cute(!) So, remind me again; you're writing this hate-speech right now because.... oh, I think I remember... something to do with a little black girl and 'your people' hurling insults at HER. Hypocrite.

(5)The Internet is chuck full of insulting comments, photo-shopped photos, cartoons so bad that they should be ashamed to publish them in their daily papers, but publish them they do. And laugh. Freaking hypocrites!
Your a hypocrite too, numb-nuts. Who the fuck told you it was a smart idea to sink to the same depths as your 'enemies?'

(6)They laugh about the insults hurled 24 hours a day against Sarah Palin and her husband and little girls. Even the tiny helpless little Downs Syndrome baby is not immune from their hateful insults.
Expand beyond your own little bubble, maybe take a trip to Fox News' forums and see what fellow Conservatives are saying - a lot of them are condemning and bad-mouthing her now too. It isn't as clear-cut as 'Left' and 'Right' asshole. There are always shades of grey.

(7) Racism? Monkey sounds? Right. Do a google search on "Bush Chimp" and see what pops up.
Riiiight.... do you know the difference between a pun about a white man's intelligence resembling that of a chimps and a racist insult about a black woman LOOKING like a monkey? Obviously not. I think some 'JIM CHIMPS' are in need right now. To Photoshop!

(8) George Bush is just as much a human being as Michelle Obama. And just as American. The only difference is George Bush is proud to be an American and proud to defend his country while Michelle Obama was ashamed of America for her entire adult life. Defend America? Right. The Obamas wouldn't lift a finger to defend America. They'd rather destroy it and destroy all it stands for.
Yes, because millions upon millions of indigenius, hard-working Americans voted Obama in so he could make the whole country go 'boom boom.' Makes perfect sense.

(9) Bush is a monkey. Bush is a chimp. Bush is a gorilla. Bush is a subhuman knuckle dragging mongrel. He sometimes makes funny monkey faces, even funny monkey sounds. We all have. I have. You have. Michelle Obama has. Monkey see, monkey do. Get used to it!
No thanks. I think we had hundreds of years to get used to black slavery and treating blacks like second class citizens and I really wasn't feeling it; so I refuse to let this country travel back in time and 'get used to it' all over again. Instead, I'd rather call out and expose the individuals on this earth who want those times to come back and shame them. That sounds like a much better agenda.

(10) Poor white trash live in trailer parks. Poor white trash live in slums. Poor white trash also live in ghettos. Many people who aren't even poor white trash live in trailer parks, slums, barrios and ghettos. "Dressed like someone from the ghetto" can't possibly be a "racist" insult unless you're assuming all black people and only black people come from ghettos. If you are making that assumption and are personally insulted by such comment, then look around. You may be a racist.
Wow, asshole; way to go around in circles and bite yourself on your own ass. Let me see if I have this right; by taking a comment about a black girl that refers to her as being ghetto and assuming it to be racist - I am the racist because I'm assuming blacks come from the ghetto. OK, cool... now let's go back to the part where you said poor white trash live in trailer parks, slums and ghettos so it can also be assumed as a racist comment to whites... so you're making that assumption... and that makes you what? A self-hating white dude? OK, cool.

(11) Ok, I think I have this figured out. It's absolutely ok for the left to trash any conservative, even children and babies, but it's absolutely against the rules to return fire. The left can hurl out the insults, but cry like banshees when it comes back on them.
Sounds good to me! :D

(12) Speaking of insults doing harm to sweet little girls, how much harm is done to a child when Obama authorizes so-called "reproductive health" professionals to reach up into a womb and literally rip a human baby limb from limb and remove its lifeless carcass bit by bit when if left alone, it would have been a bouncing little baby boy or girl just moments later.
Yeah, OK, numbskull; you lost all credibility when you claimed a fetus can go from being fetus one moment and the next just bounce out a full grown little baby. Yeah, I'm not going to sit here and listen to you preach pro-life shit when you don't even know the simple facts of reproduction. Here's a tip buddy; babies aren't delivered by a stork either!

(13) Mr. Obama says that if one of his little girls makes a mistake, he doesn't want to punish them with a baby. He admits that determining the beginning of human rights is above his paygrade, but he has absolutely no problem at all playing God to determine which lives are fit to bring into this life and which are ok to snuff out.
You are obviously an ignorant fuck if you think abortion is when you reach up a woman's vagina, yank out the fetus and then smother it with a pillow because that's the imagery you're painting buddy. Check your facts before you make outrageous claims like that bitch. As well as that, who the FUCK are you to tell a woman she has to have a baby? I'm not even going to get into the abortion shit but nice try; you almost built up a smokescreen against your racist site. Almost.

(14) That's the supreme insult. It's a gross insult to every human being on this planet living or dead. It's an insult to life itself. It's an insult to humanity, to human decency. It's a slap in the face to God the Creator of all life. We will all pay a price for the disgraceful American Holocaust. Fifty million innocent American lives slaughtered on the altar of liberalism and the count is growing daily. Butchers!
Fucking drama queen.

(15) FReep you and the smug, arrogant, hypocritical high horse you rode in on!
Little thing called 'cars.' Yeah, that's what they use for transportation nowadays. Crazy world, huh? Did anyone tell you a dude named King also passed a little Civil Rights Act which means you can't do your favourite past-time anymore? No more lynching! Aw, shucks!

(16) My name is Big Jim Thompson and I approve this message.
Oh, ha-ha. 'Jim Thompson.' Silly bitch, stop whining that the media got your name wrong. No one gives a shit about you, the only thing they care about is your warped ideals. Your name is not important. I don't care if it's Jim Robinson, Jim Thompson or Shit MyPants-McGee; you're sick and that's the end of it.

As well as this, even Bill O'Reilly, Fox News' resident Hitler; is condeming these guys. Yes, they are so nuts, even Bill O' is like 'WTF?'

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