Monday, 1 June 2009

MTV Movie Awards 2009

The MTV Movie Awards 2009 were on last night and it was one hell of a show. One. Hell. Of. A. Show. I can not emphasise that enough. Whether you agreed with who won what or who wore what... it doesn't even matter, dude. The key thing is: Eminem being face-to-bare-ass with Sasha Baron Cohen's creation Bruno. That's all you need to know people. That's all.

Basically, Eminem was apparently 'humiliated' and stormed out of the awards when Cohen's character Bruno floated down onto the audience in a harness wearing only wings and a thong. His harness appeared to undergo 'technical difficulties' and he was sent hurtling down onto Eminem... his face in Eminem's ass. Sweet.

People are dubbing it as a publicity stunt which Eminem may or may not have been in on. Regardless, you got love Zachary Quinto's reaction, Cameron Diaz's amused face and Vanessa Hudgen's cute giggling as boyfriend Zac Efron appeared mortified at having been called out like that!

Twilight were the big winners last night, sweeping up 5 of the awards.

A list of the winners

Twilight - Best Movie, Best Female Performance, Best Fight Scene, Breakthrough Male Performance, Best Kiss.

Firstly, Rob and Cam Giga-thing-a-jig going up for their best fight scene award made my mouth water. Not gonna lie. Hot guys, people.
For best kiss, Robert and Kristen almost seemed reluctant to go up! Also, is that a wistful face I spy on Vanessa Hudgen's face? Poor baby! The tension building up to the kiss-that-never-was was, I have to admit, very hot in an awkward, cute way!
Robert's speech for breakthrough performance was cute once again in an awkward way. You can tell he's not used to this!
Once again, when KStew went up for her award... was that a look of envy of Vanessa's face? Damn her cuteness, I melt every time they cut to her! But KStew deserved that. Her reaction was... hey, what do you know, AWKWARD! But you gotta love it. You know Vanessa Hudgens' totally jinxed her to drop that award!

Best Male Performance - Zac Efron

I have to love Zac's response to the whole situation and Vanessa is just a shining beacon every time they put her on the screen.

Breakthrough Performance Female - Ashley Tisdale

I am hella proud of this fierce bitch for being a hardcore underdog and winning this. I really am. Words can not describe, Tizzy.

Best Comedic Performance - Jim Carey

What a showman! He deserved that award and that standing ovation.

Best Villian Winner - Heath Ledger
Who could argue with this one?

Best WTF Moment - Amy Poehler

Best Song - Miley Cyrus

Another underdog. I was not expecting her to win but I am hella glad she did! I fucking loved her for being loud and obnoxious and real. Suck on it, A-list Hollywood with your 'classyness.' Pssh.

Generation Award Winner - Ben Stiller

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