Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Vanessa William's Doesn't Care

It seems like everyone has an opinion on Carrie Prejean these days, better known as 'Little Miss Hypocrite' ever since she gave her uneducated two cents on the gay rights issue but former beauty queen Vanessa Williams doesn't really give a shit.

Speaking to Out.com:
During your reign as Miss America in 1984 you were involved in one of the most infamous beauty pageant scandals ever and gave up your crown after suggestive photos of you were published. Recently another pageant contestant, Miss California Carrie Prejean, came under fire after she spoke out against the right for same-sex marriage. Do you think it’s fair the way the media handled her response?
I’m surprised at how much this story has gone on and on. My personal opinion is really, “Who cares?” She’s not running for a government position that could make an actual change in policy, so who cares? Let it die.

Do you think they should have stripped her of her title?
Who cares! Really, who cares in the grand scheme of things?

I agree with Williams to an extent. I don't care about Carrie Prejean and honestly wish the bitch would fade away into obscurity but the problem is not me or the media - it is Carrie Prejean herself who keeps clawing her way back into the limelight. Now that Fox News are her new best friends, the bitch is unstoppable! BURN HER!

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