Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Spencer Pratt Apologizes

MTV's The Hills is a highly addictive and extremely superficial show and yada yada yada here's a clip of more staged fuckery where Spencer calls Lauren Conrad up to 'apologise' for apparently circulating a rumour that she had a sex tape.

Maybe it's just me but I'd be able to relate more to these characters (because, let's face it, this isn't really reality TV at all, is it?) if the cheesy shit music wasn't playing in the background.

Also, it's nice to see LC 'working' if you know, work meant spending all your day sitting at a desk taking personal calls with a whole camera crew in your face... I mean, is her boss a retard - how could it be even more obvious the bitch isn't working? I might respect her if she had a real job and was really making it on her own. No, she's still daddy's princess living off MTV's paycheck.

The funniest shit is LC's fake 'OMG, I am like, so surprised that you called right now, like, we haven't even seen each other or spoken in months even though, ya know, anyone who reads, like, a magazine would have seen pictures of us like hugging at that Teen Vogue event last night but OMG, I am like soooo surprised right now!' Yeah, choke on a dick.

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