Monday, 25 May 2009

Cannes Is Violent

As an avid film-watcher, I am very very very very very very jealous of all those critics who have been schmoozing in the sun down in France these past few weeks. Seriously, getting paid to bitch about a bunch of films is a job?! And I'm stuck here writing up shit for you LEECHES who just want more and more and don't care that the intense typing has already given me 'granny hands' so I can't even give my boyfriend a satisfying handjob anymore?!!

Anyways, now that the anger is out... apparently anger is 'in' at Cannes this year. According to the BBC, a lot of the top-rated movies this year have been violent and gory. javascript:void(0)

A case in point being the movie Kinatay, which features the lengthy rape and murder of a prostitute. Director Brilliante Mendoza obviously walked away with the Best Director 2009 prize.

One of the critics aptly commented on the movie: "It's not a date movie."

Well, duh.

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