Monday, 25 May 2009

Joe Jonas Doesn't Like Boobies?

I do have to sympathise with the Jonas Brothers. They proudly wear their purity rings and yet the majority of their fan base is obsessed with de-purifying these rings at any given chance!

Although I do sympathise... I am still laughing my pudgy little butt off at this video of the boys performing a concert in Chile where a girl, with excellent aim might I add, sent a bra flying directly into Joe Jonas's hands.

His reflexes seem to have gotten quicker too because without even looking down at the bra, he quickly let it drop and walked away. Yes, he didn't even have to look. That tells me a lot about this boy.

Either he knows the lacy, warm feel of a freshly worn bra all too well... or maybe Papa Jonas the Church minister had the boys 'study' bras in 'Bra Dodging On Stage 101.' Judging by the stick-barbies Joe Jonas dates like Camilla Belle, Taylor Swift and Australian model Amelia Than-Aye; I'm gonna wager a guess that it was the bra dodging classes and not experience which allowed him to make the quick realisation that it was a bra in his hands. After all, none of those girls has anything except nipples and nipples don't need bras...nooo, you just need two peanut shells and some string.

Anyways, watch here for the LOLS. If you still want some LOLS, then watch the last incident again here.

FF to 3 minutes.

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