Wednesday, 19 November 2008

LUCAS Brothers Keep It Real

A new promo and a new plot outline for the heavily anticipated Disney series JONAS has been released!

The Jonas Brothers, who play Kevin, Nick and Joe Lucas in the upcoming series will be a band of brothers who struggle to deal with being normal kids as well as balancing being teen superstars. It's basically an updated version of Hannah Montana with more likeable celebrities - Miley's expiration date has hit. I'm sure the Jonas Brothers' will too.

The new episode is entitled 'Keeping It Real' and the synopsis is as follows:
Mom Sandy Lucas is upset to see that her boys are growing accustomed to the perks of fame. In order to keep her boys grounded she calls for more normal family activities, chores and a family dinner.

Kevin, Joe & Nick Lucas find it hard to complete even the simplest of tasks like taking out the garbage. While visiting a thrift stop owned by their friend Macy's grandmother the boys get stuck inside after they are mobbed by fans. They frantically try to find a way out to make it home in time for their mom's dinner.

What do you THINK of the upcoming new series?

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