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Lauren Conrad's Drama Never Ends

Now, I don't like to throw around the word 'attention whore' but sometimes, girls and boys, attention whores get what is coming to them for being attention whores.

Here is a little story for you. Once upon a time, there was a super-rich girl living in sunny Orange County with her equally rich and pretty friends. They went to high school, they shopped using daddy's credit cards and they, of course, had boy drama because everything else in their life just came so easily for them... as it does when you're super rich. The only thing you can't buy is love; hence the 'boy drama.' MTV noticed these little socialities-in-the-making and jumped on the bandwagon of a new reality TV series known as 'Laguna Beach' or 'The Real OC' *sniggers*

Of course, a show about rich teens living the dream life coupled with sex, bitch-fights and drama, drama, drama was every other plain American teenagers addiction so Laguna Beach became a hit; the rich snob kids because celebrities and MTV managed to squeeze out a few more seasons of the small coastal town.

Then, Laguna Beach alumni Lauren Conrad - a fabulously stylish and talented young woman - did a sequel to the 'Real OC' series documenting her life as she left mommy and daddy's little nest (aka a mansion) and flew out to earn money for herself (aka MTV got her an internship at Teen Vogue). Yes, she was *so* making it on her own.

From watching Laguna Beach though, one thing really stuck with me. I actually liked Lauren. Of all the characters on that show - oh, damn it! Not characters. Duh. It's a reality TV show. They're PEOPLE. People. Yes, that's what they are... people, except some of the parents were are like 50% plastic. I liked Lauren's style and I liked her personality - don't get me wrong, she's completely different from the girl I am. She was raised in a rich, loving and nurturing environment whereas I might as well have been raised by a bunch of damn wolves for all the good my parents did bringing me up. So, yeah, I liked LC. She was cute.

Naturally, when I heard she had her own show complete with a Natasha Bedingfield song in its title credits, I was all like 'OH, I am so there, bitches.'
So, new show means new faces. New faces meant new drama. Cue Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. Cue Speidi sickness. Cue the sex tape rumours and online blogging craziness. Cue LC being totally 'betrayed.'
I did feel sorry for LC during the sex tape scandals mainly because I get this disgusting feeling every time I look at Spencer Pratt - I felt bad that this girl had been put through that crap by this guy. At the same time, though, I couldn't help wondering if LC hadn't bought this on herself. Hello, you chose to go into reality TV, you dud. You chose to further exploit yourself to us. This is what you get, Lauren. I'm not saying you deserved it but a girl who decides to go into reality TV is just as much an attention whore as a cheap, fake couple like Speidi who make up sex tape rumours for attention. Maybe Lauren's a little bit better in terms of morals than those two but she's not a little girl, she knows if she's trying to be famous (which is why she's on The Hills) then she's going to come across some dirty people in the business. I'm being honest, so don't hate me for bringing down a ton of bricks worth of truth here.

Of course, that little 'scandal' got MTV high ratings and pushed Lauren, Spencer and Heidi into big-time fame.

So guess what's happened now - the moment the dust has settled from all that?

Poor little LC is the victim once again. This time it's The Hills regular Audrina Patridge whose accusing Lauren of doing something slutty... sleeping with her boyfriend!

best friend, Perez Hilton, was the first to 'exclusively' stir up the rumours on his blog:

The ultimate stab in the back!!!

Sources reveal exclusively to that Audrina Patridge and her former roommate, Lauren Conrad, are definitely on the outs.

"They're not talking right now," a Hills insider tells us.

So, what exactly happened????

That's where it gets tricky!

Here's what we know thus far…..

Apparently, a friend of Audrina's on/off boyfriend, Justin Bobby, told her one night that Justin and L.C. hooked up.

"When confronted, Justin admitted to Audrina that he and L.C. hooked up," a source tells us.

This "confession" only happened within the last week, we're told.

Lauren is, of course, denying everything to Audrina, but "Audrina doesn't believe L.C. She knows something happened."

Ohhhh, the drama!

This might all be too real for The Hills, though. We're not sure if this betrayal will make it onto the show.

More details to come hopefully. As soon as we know, U will know!

was the first one to report this and as usual, Perez's incredibly gay influence spread across the other gossip blogs like wildfire. Within a number of hours, everyone was buzzing about the latest 'feud' on The Hills and about how slutty LC was. Can I just take a moment to point out here that Perez actually has an entire section on his website dedicated to 'celebrity feuds.' Now that sounds like someone with a life.

So, because of a rumour started by Perez, Audrina, like any celeb, found all these stories about LC hooking with Justin (the boyfriend) when she Googled herself. She took to her blog:
"I woke up this morning and it seems like just about every gossip magazine or blog has a story about Lauren hooking up with Justin.

I'm not sure what to believe. Though Justin and I have not been exclusive for quite some time, these rumors are very confusing and hurtful.

I can't comment on whether they are true or false."

Once again, I'd like to take a moment to say: WHAT THE FUCK? WHAT THE FUCK?!!! PEREZ HAS *THIS* MUCH POWER? He can just write something and everyone spreads it around like a game of Chinese whisper... no one questions his shit?! Seriously??!! Damn.

So, obviously, this news got back to Lauren who told In Touch Weekly:
"These accusations are so crazy it's difficult for me to take them seriously. While my usual taste in guys isn't always perfect, I do prefer they shower regularly."

While I do think her 'shower' remark is a little cocky for someone whose been put in a comprising situation, I do sympathise for her. Let's review. This all started because a 'source' had contacted Perez Hilton. Lauren seems to think this 'source' is Speidi according to her latest blog but then again, it could be MTV. They've squeezed all this drama out of the Speidi-Lauren storyline - Oops, sorry, I mean 'real life incident' and I guess now they've alienated those two morons they need a fresh feud to keep things... fresh?

Lauren also added on her latest MySpace blog what seems to be a very heartfelt and touching message to Audrina:
Audrina - We promised we wouldn't let people get into our ears and make us fight. You KNOW I didn't do this and I have never given you a reason not to trust me. What you are doing is hurtful and I don't want to fight with you. Whoever is telling you these things does not have your best interest at heart. I have always been there for you and now I'm being attacked for something I didn't do. We are supposed to be there for each other when other people do this to us and today you are the one doing it to me. Today you are the reason people are saying mean things about me. You asked me if I did this and I told you I didn't.

Can I just say... what the hell is wrong with these guys picking up the phone and talking this shit out? Why do they have to communicate through the media? Damn attention whores. I love them, I love the show and I know as a fan of LC that a lot of her life is fake and staged but even I have my limits! I really do think that LC is innocent in this case, she's just opened herself up to the public and that's left her in a vulnerable position meaning anyone and everyone can take cheap shots at her. But then again, she put herself in that position.

Meanwhile, Audrina seems to have broken up with Justin Bobby because she was photographed by paparazzi at the pool in Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica, California on Friday afternoon (3rd October) with new boyfriend; Josh Christopher. Obviously Audrina did talk to Justin and it seems something must have happened to make them split which does raise my suspicions that maybe something did happen with LC. Nonetheless, judging by these photos, Audrina is taking it well and not letting it affect her.
The girl's having fun, y'all!!! This girl knows how to make the best of a break-up and a public scandal - gotta respect her for that!

It also looks like Audrina's got her claws out because earlier on Friday morning (3rd October) she was spotted in Hollywood with Heidi Montag - the duo had an 'emotional' talk as they filmed scenes for 'The Hills' and ended their little meeting with a hug. While I want to believe in the goodness of LC and her innocence, I can't help but think that maybe something did happen.


Also, um, LOL at Audrina's 'bitch face'

So, I guess all I can do is wait to see whether the truth ever comes out about all this. I don't think I'll be tuning into The Hills. Cheap and nasty shit.

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