Thursday, 11 September 2008

VMAs Divas!

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According to Entertainment Wise; a lot of interesting stuff went on down at the VMAs but none of it was as interesting as the backstage goss.

Running down a list of divas, they report that Christina Aguilera reportedly demanded four black bath towels and a dressing room with vanilla-scented candles, a space heater and two bottles of Verve Clique champagne.

Well, I guess Xtina does live a life filled with luxury and one does tend to become accustomed to such material possessions that others, such as we mere mortals, might consider to be rather 'outrageous'.

Entertainment Wise also claim that the Jonas Brothers were being 'divas' in requesting apple juice at room temperature, 8 Red Bull Sugar free beverages, 6 regular Red Bulls and 24 pieces of California sushi rolls.

Uh... that's a diva?

I don't think so.

We know Nick is addicted to his sodas and we know celebrities are allowed to request things for their rooms backstage so asking for a few drinks that probably cost around £20 in total at your local Walmart is not that BIG a deal... definately not a diva thing. If they really wanted to be divas, I'm sure they could - after all, Joe has a very overactive imagination and would have probably requested something like 4 ninjas riding on the back of an elephant handpicked by a blind Tibetan monk. But he didn't, did he? So there. VMAs got off easy in my opinion! LOL.

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is also on the list, claiming to have a candle fetish similar to Xtinas by requesting Trish McEvoy blueberry candles. The girl also showed that she is a real girl, not one of those size 0 manufactured plastic bitches because another one of her requests was buffalo wings and roasted chicken with jerk seasoning. YUM?

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