Saturday, 13 September 2008

JB Nominated @ Latin American VMAs

The Jonas Brothers are officially taking over the WORLD. Soon, the aliens will be suffering from OJD (Obsessive Jonas Disorder.)

Why am I overreacting?

I don't think I am but...

They're nominated for not *one*, not even *two* but FIVE Latin American VMA's. How amazing is that? I love these boys, they are the most honest, most dignified and graceful acts out in Hollywood right now and I am proud of them for making it this big.

If you love them, go here to vote for them so we can guarantee they sweep at these awards!

They are nominated for:
Mejor Ringtone Musical (Best Ringtone)
Mejor Artista Pop Internacional (Best International Pop Artist)
Mejor Artista Nuevo Internacional (Best New International Artist)
Mejor Fan Club (Best Fanclub - Jonas Brothers Mexico)
Cancion del Año (Song of the Year)

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