Thursday, 4 December 2008

The Twilight Coverage

For the Twilight crazies, like myself, here is a post dedicated 100% to everything and anyone related to the London premiere of Twilight. Enjoy!

Extra interview Robert Pattison and ask him why he was expelled from school at age 12. His reaction is hysterical but he doesn't give up the reason why. This leads me to consider he has a dark past. Which makes me wanna jump him all the more!

being overly-modest about the Twilight hype... nothing new there.

's coverage of the premiere. Note that all of the presenters are wearing big-ass, warm jackets. It was literally minus-temperatures on Wednesday night! I feel sorry for Kristen and all the girlies in their paper-thin, mini-dresses! They interview Kristen and Robert.

Some lucky fanbitch was standing super-close to Rob as he did interviews. 28 seconds of pure heaven.

One fans experience of the premiere. And no, the girl didn't die of hypothermia by the end of the night. Her passion for Rob kept her warm, thank you very much.

Finally, Extra have raw, uncut footage of the premiere. You can now watch Robert blink! WOO! Check it out here

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