Saturday, 6 December 2008

Taylor Swift Can't Help Herself...

Taylor Swift will soon be releasing second single 'White Horse' and is making the rounds on chat shows to complete the required promotion.

While at the Tonight Show With Jay Leno on Friday night (5th December), Taylor not only performed her single but also gave yet another interview with a not-so-hidden jibe at ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas!

Whilst talking about her upcoming birthday, Taylor said she needed new glasses and a new boyfriend. I bet she's sad that Leno conveniently stirred the conversation away from boy-talk after that, she seemed like she was itching to talk about Joe Jonas! Poor guy must be having nightmares about her. Which must be, after all, what she wants. No one messes with Squinty!

The interview:

The performance... it's boring but hey, if you wanna torture yourself then hit play, bb:

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