Saturday, 6 December 2008

Rpattz Hacked?

Apparently, Robert Pattinson has been using the alias Randle Patrick McMurphy on Facebook so you know, stalker-fans wouldn't find him. Unfortunately for him, it seems they did.

There's screenshots of his supposed wall-to-wall conversations on Facebook but I'm sceptical. For one thing, he's talking about scoring with Kristen Stewart and getting his thug friends to beat her boyfriend up...

On the other hand, being a fellow Londoner myself, it does sound like a legit Londoner talking on that Facebook so if it is a poser, it's a damn good British one. Words like 'nuttery' and how he refers to some of the fangirls as 'a bit odd' sounds spot-on like Rob! But fangirls these days probably even know his blood type so I wouldn't be surprised if it was a poser.

The screenshots are here and then here, and once again here and you don't wanna miss this one over here and this is just a big old LOL here and this isn't really relevent but it's LOLworthy right here!

What do YOU guys think?

UPDATE: THIS SHIT IS PHOTOSHOPPED TO THE MAX, BITCHES! I checked it out by searching some of Rpattz's so called 'friends', they are real people on Facebook but their friendslist show no RANDLE as being added. That means Randle does not exist on Facebook and that the poser photoshopped a bunch of random people's profiles into their fake conversations.

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Anonymous said...

he brought the FB account down prior to midnight on Thurs night (12/4) so when you bring a FB acct down you will not see any posts or from him. It is as if the acct never existed ever. I was one of the 39 friends accepted basically because the acct was only up for 5 days... and who would know the alias name... thus the reason for only 38 friends. The account was probably opened for the hoax... or for the hacker that accessed his account. If you see "edit my profile" under your Profile pic, then you are logged onto your own account. The other gossip sites also show pages of a convo between Rob and Camilla Belle, which also comes from the owner of the acct. SO it was either that the owner of the acct was the one making up the convos and was not Rob or someone had access to his acct. If the latter is true, then the hacker could make up any convos. For all we know the Giulietta account was fake too. Some fans like negative attention over no attention.... sad to say