Wednesday, 19 November 2008

This IS Girl Power!

Wow, I haven't used the term Girl Power since the Spice Girl days but I guess that's just the effect country crooner Taylor Swift has on me.

The blonde 18 year old released her second album, Fearless, last week and the official numbers of exactly how much she sold have trickled in... and guess what else?

She beat out the Jonas Brothers.

Oh yes.

I can hear people groaning with disgust that I'm pitting the two ex's against each other but come on, I'm a blogger, I have no morals or emotions - all I have is a desire to hit them hit counts!

Taylor sold 592,000 copies in her first week while JBros sold 525,000 back in August when their third studio album A Little Bit Longer hit the shelves.

It's kind of refreshing to see her pick herself up after a messy break-up and be successful. Let that be a lesson to all you girlies out there!

Are YOU proud of Taylor?

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