Friday, 21 November 2008

Rob & Hayley: Artist On Artist

Everyone knows Robert Pattison. He's the new Zac Efron - only he's not as plastic and no one would accuse him of being gay because let's face it, Rob's a real man. Sorry Zac fans, but it's the truth. It hurts, I know.

Everyone knows Hayley Williams. She's the lead singer of the insanely successful band Paramore. You'd have to be crazy not to know her. She's amazing. She's also besties with Brandi Cyrus - bonus!

Williams and Pattison are both contributing to the massively popular Twilight movie which is kicking ass in theatres - Paramore sing a song for the movie's soundtrack and Pattison is the male lead, the hunk, the creme de la whatever. Eh, he's hot, that's all you need to know.

The two are sitting down for MySpace's Artist On Artist feature which is like a rip-off of Moviefone's Unscripted. It's fun to watch the awkward moments, like Rob and Hayley say... but don't listen to them, this is not worth missing!


Artist on Artist Robert Pattinson - Hayley Williams

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Anonymous said...

he's not the new Zac Efron, never will be. Zac is so amazing and so is Rob, both individuals and they also respect eachother. Rob said Zac is a really honest and nice guy!

Oh and if Robs days of being Cedeic, in Bad mothers handbook and the Hackett 07 campaign aren't some of the most "gay" looking photos I've ever seen I don't know what are. Zac at least washes and looks well presented. There is nothing attractive about guy who looks like he hasn't washed in a month, and his akwardness is cringeworthy, so is his constant drinking. Zac is amazing!