Friday, 7 November 2008

Madge & Brit Reunit!

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake joined Madonna on stage at the Los Angeles' Dodger Stadium on Thursday night (6th November) - but at different times, so the duo were never on stage together at any time. Oh well, at least we got a Madonna and Britney reunion!

Spears joined Madonna on stage to sing the last verse of the track “Human Nature,” much to the delight of the packed house, which included some serious star power, including Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest, Heidi Klum, Drew Barrymore, Fergie and Donald Sutherland.

At the end of the song, Madonna proclaimed, “I’m not your bitch!” She then pointed to Britney, adding, “She’s not your bitch,” drawing raucous applause from the crowd. I have to say, I am really glad Madonna said she and Brit weren't anybodies bitches because the way the paparazzi and media ride these two ladies... you'd think they were on hire by pimps!

The collobaration, as expected, was a real crowd pleaser as one concert-goer told Access Hollywood: “The crowd went insane.”

was there to duet with Madonna afterwards on their hit single 4 Minutes but of course, he's less important...


Check out the videos below too. Britney looked amazingly smart, sophisticated and beautiful. She's really picked herself up, I'm so proud of her. Madonna looked wrinkly, veiny and like she'd OD'ed on steroids but no duo is perfect, I guess...

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