Thursday, 6 November 2008

The Jaylor Backlash

Looking at the Jonas Brothers latest blog update on MySpace and the comments in it - it seems as if there's quite a bit of negative backlash for the brothers.

The new blog advertises the deluxe edition of A Little Bit Longer but fans, like the one highlighted there, seem more interested in Joe Jonas's break-up with Taylor Swift. It seems like the girlie JB fans know what heartbreak feels like and are sticking up for Team Taylor.


Still, I think it's a little harsh to hate on Joe... I mean, we've only heard Taylor's side so far.

What do YOU think?

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Anonymous said...

I personally agree with you on this one. I mean I feel for Taylor in this but we don't know Joe's side in it. We probably never will considering he likes to keep that part of his life private and Disney. He's sure to have someone saying he can't say anything about it. But really..for the backlash..that's just immature. We should love and support Taylor and Joe equally.

I mean seriously...either way it's heartbreak on both sides. Who really wins?