Monday, 17 November 2008

Lindsay Lohan Is Punished

Lindsay Lohan was out at a Parisian night club wearing... a fur stole. Can you hear the UH-OH ringing in your ears already?

She was swiftly punished by PETA-loving activists though, on her way to the VIP Room Theater on Saturday night with girlfriend Sam Ronson. As she stepped out of her car and proceeded to head into the theater, a short-haired woman pelted flour at hair. Lindsay's immediate reaction was 'Oh my God!' and she yelled a prolonged 'Ohhhh My.... GOD!' again as she quickly ran in while her 'people' chased down the woman. She got away, yelling 'She's a fur hag!' or something to that effect.

I love LiLo but this is funny shit. I love how Sam Ronson just walks after a flour-bombed Lindsay all calm and collected like nothing happened. Smooth!

Check it out:

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