Saturday, 15 November 2008

Adrienne's Not-So-Disney Publicity Stunt

Nearly a week ago now, Disney hot girl Adrienne Bailon's representatives confided in TMZ that the Cheetah Girl was the 'victim of a crazy extortion plot' in which 'several practically nude photos have been stolen from Adrienne's laptop, and sources tell us the scumbag who took 'em is trying to shop them around to the highest bidder.'

Apparently, 25 year old Bailon lost her laptop at JFK airport in October which contained semi-nude pictures of her taken as an anniversary present for boyfriend Robert Kardashian... what else would you give a Kardashian as a present if not something related to anal sex?

When I first read this, I thought it was a little bit weird that her publicist would tell this to TMZ... why add the spark to the fuel when the shit hasn't even hit the fan yet?

Oh, right... I'll tell you why. The photos innevitably ended up on the blogosphere and Little Miss Not So Little Ass was hoping to use them as an official break away from her Disney image. She's now even been offered a multi-thousand dollar deal to appear naked in Playboy!
A girl's gotta have a life after Disney, I guess! And it did work for Vanessa Hudgens... except Vanessa didn't plan it all like some sneaky scary-ugly-assed how. She was genuine. Bailon is not. Say hello to a failed career, people!

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