Monday, 6 October 2008

Why Selena Won't Go Exlusive With Nick

It sounds like the latest Disney manufactured 'triple threat' Selena Gomez may have a reason for not tying herself officially down to Nick Jonas. At the VMAs, when Selena was interviewed, she was asked if she and Nick were dating and she said she was 'dating people.' Could Cody Linley be one of these 'people?'

Well, according to FOX Pop Tarts’ Hollie McKay, Selena may be crushing on the “Hannah Montana” stud Cody Linley, .

Gomez was reportedly spied sneaking around to watch Linley on “Dancing With the Stars” recently, and the Disney twosome was “pretty flirty and playful” after Cody’s dancing performance. McKay reports that she even stuck around The Grove while he played guitar for his fans.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ok, selena wouldn't do that to demi.

cody is demi's ex.
that would just be cold
if she starting to date cody.
and she was only there cause the jonas brothers were performing that night