Thursday, 9 October 2008

Why Jaylor Broke Up?

Taylor Swift was allegedly ‘falling in love‘ with boyfriend Joe Jonas when he broke up with her. Sources claim the couple, who never confirmed their romance, split earlier this month after the Joe was ‘pressured’ by his family to end the relationship.

An insider dished, ‘He dumped her because of his crazy work schedule and because he had pressure from his family to stay single in order to further his career. Taylor was falling in love with him, and it was getting too serious, too quickly for him.’ Taylor is reportedly ‘heartbroken’ over the split.

If this 'source' is true, I kind of understand why Joe would have such pressures. He has to maintain his 'purity rings' promise and with a Disney show on the way - it seems more important now then ever to stay clean-cut and pure. Yet, at the same time, Nick Jonas, 16, is dating Selena Gomez and the family isn't pressurising him? This is where I think this so-called source isn't true.

I feel for both Taylor and Joe, break-ups are tough, especially public ones. Both Joe and Taylor have class though and I'm sure they'll pick themselves up from this and continue with their careers as well as ever.

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Emmie! (lol im Emma or Enchilada or Mrs. Jonas or WHATEVER!) said...

Hey im just a Jonas fan searchin around the internet, but if it is true that they broke up, we'll no soon because Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers will both have a new song out then. Because Taylor wrote one about Drew, and Nick wrote one about Miley. So it's coming if they broke up!