Monday, 6 October 2008

A Niley Post

They could've been a Hollywood power couple... *Sobs* I just can't get over it. Why, Nick Jonas? Why, Miley Cyrus? Don't you want to be like Brangelina? Don't you want to compete for the crown of favourite tween couple against Zanessa?! Of course you don't! You'd lose miserably. :]

Anyway, here's 16 year old Nick Jonas cruising around in his new Mustang with the paparazzi hot on his tail. He's a pretty good driver!

And here's an about-to-be-sixteen Miley Cyrus shopping at Forever 21 in LA as she prepares for her Sweet Sixteen bash at Disneyland. Her BFF since childhood, Lesley Patterson, is also by her side - nice to see the two reunited!

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