Thursday, 2 October 2008

JG + MC = Love?

Vanessa Hudgens writes cute little things like 'ZE <3' on her hands. We've seen Ashley Tisdale pay a similar tribute to her boyfriend Jared Murillo by scribbling on her arms too. In the past, we've even spotted a few little hints to Nick Jonas printed on Miley Cyrus but it looks like Miley's risking ink poisoning for a new guy now.

A picture from one of Miley's performance at MGM Grand venue at Foxwoods casino reveals that on her wrist, she has 'JG + MC = Loveheart'
I guess that's pretty much proof positive that hottie Justin Gaston may be her new guy. Can I just say, as much as I love Nick Jonas and the JBros... Justin Gaston is definately way hotter.

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