Saturday, 13 September 2008

Taylor Swift Debuts Love Story

Everyone knows how determined I am to hate this girl. Mainly because she's dating Joe Jonas. Wait. Actually, that's the only reason I hate her. Well, OK. Scratch that. I can't hate her. The more I discover about her, the more I love her. In fact, I'm about ready to fall in love with her, damn her!

Anyway, check out her latest music video;
Love Story. I have to say I love the entire premise of it. Taylor looks drop-dead gorgeous as always. Also, is it just me or is the guy sitting at the under a tree at the beginning looking a lot like Joe Jonas with his Camp Rock hair? It could just be me. I have Joe on the brain!

I have Joe everywhere, actually...

And with that PERVERTED thought, I leave you this wonderful video although I must warn those determined to hate Taylor Swift that it will make them fall in love with her. Watch at your own discretion - you have been warned!

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