Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Megan Fox's GQ Cover

My brain just melted.

I know Megan Fox is hot.

I get it.


It makes under-developed teenage girls like me feel... well, I would say FLAT AS A BOARD but I really want a nicer phrase... then again, there is nothing nice about having mosquito bites for boobs. ISN'T THAT RIGHT, LAUREN JANE HARDINGS? BAHAHAHA. I do looove calling out my friends on this blog. Soon, I won't have any! YAY.

Check out Megan Fox on October's cover of GQ.

Inside, she defends Miley and Vanessa Hudgens and beats down on Disney:
‘They take these little girls.. teach them how to sing and dance, and make them wear belly shirts, but they won’t allow them to be their own people.
It makes me sick. I would never issue an apology for my life and for who I am. It’s like, Oh, I’m sorry I took a naked, private picture that someone.. sold for money. ..You shouldn’t have to apologize. Someone betrayed Vanessa, but no one’s angry at that person. She had to apologize. I hate Disney for making her do that.’

AMEN, Miss Fox, AMEN.
Brains and beauty, eh?

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