Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Lynne Spears Talks Britney

Lynne Spears, mother of Britney and Jamie Lynne, went on the Today Show to promote her memoir 'Through The Storm' and talked in-depth about how she and her family coped with Britney's fame; going all the way back to the early 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' days.

Lynne explained, “It’s kind of like Britney was sent out into the world a little bit prematurely.” Lynne was a single mom and had another young child, Jamie Lynne Spears, to take care of as well, and couldn’t always be there for Brit. “Did I want to be there? Of course!” she said. “Was it feasible? It wasn’t.”

She thought of it like sending a child off to college. “You don’t really know what they’re doing in college ... just as Britney set out two years earlier to be a star,” she said.

Lynne also added that she was never a stage mom, “Britney pushed me,” she told the Today Show. Continuing on, she said, “She’s out there, she’s with the crowds and with her peer groups, and she’s doing things-she’s a celebrity, for heaven’s sake!”

When the cover of Rolling Stone came out with Britney just about naked with a Teletubby, Lynne felt the sharp pain of losing control. She would not have let it happen, but stated, “We didn’t really know what we were doing. We were so in awe. “I never even bought [Rolling Stone], but I just heard this is a really big deal. We didn’t have any choice over pictures ... We had no one who could tell us what we were supposed to be doing.”

Continuing about the cover, Lynne explained, “It was a two-day shoot. Thank god [manager] Larry Rudolph came in and said, ‘Stop, that’s enough.’”

Lynne described her child’s fast career as being exciting at first. “It seems like everything’s fabulous: Look at the trips she gets to go on! There was that honeymoon period where it looked like she could do no wrong. Then there’s that ugly side of fame ... and we weren’t ready for that.”

Breakdowns started occurring over periods of time. From her 55-hour marriage to childhood friend Jason Alexander, two children within two years, the head shaving incident and trips in and out of rehab -Lynne simply stated, “It was so crazy. We were praying very hard. It seemed like we had no control over what was happening.”

Reaching out to her troubled daughter was not easy, though. Anxious to get her help, Lynne told her friends, “If you see my behind going over that wall into the Summit [Britney’s house], it’s me because it’s my last drastic measure.”

Lynne remembers everything over the years and stated, “I have sat for hours, thinking and thinking about everything that’s happened. It’s been a whirlwind. When you mix extreme heightened celebrity hood and then when you have heartache. The mixture’s just not healthy.”

So, the question is; am I the only one who wants to desperately go out and buy her book but feels too guilty to do so? I mean, I feel so torn between my firm stance on staying away from celebrity's private lives and my burning, burning desire to probe more into the mystery that is Britney Spears. Eh, I'll read the cliff notes. Technically... I'm not reading the actual thing. Heh. Technically.

SOURCE: GossipGirls

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