Thursday, 11 September 2008

Ali Lohan Moving In With Big Sis?

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Celebrity columnist Mike Walker stated that Lindsay Lohan wants Ali to move in with her and girlfriend Samantha Ronson. Walker claims a 'highly credible' source told him:

‘Lindsay really wants to bond and see more of Ali because she thinks that now, finally, she can be a positive influence and create a successful career for her. Lindsay has been telling friends she believes she can show Ali what “Hollywood is really all about.'

Somehow, Mr. Walker, I really doubt Dina Lohan would let her 14 year old move in with her 20-something-year-old. First rule of parenting, duh! That, and the fact that she would no longer be involved in her youngest daughter's rise to fame VIA her new album... we know how much Dina wants that!

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