Saturday, 12 April 2008

Time is precious... time is fleeting... time is a bitch!

Time is a bitch!

I know, most of you probably thought I’d died seeing as I haven’t updated anything in what seems like forever. The problem is that it hasn’t seemed like ‘forever’ for me. Rather, time has just whizzed by and I simply can NOT for a second comprehend the fact that I will be graduating this year. I just turned 18 too and now I have ‘college applications’ and ‘independence’ ringing through my mind.

It’s all overwhelming stuff but exciting and scary all at the same time. Oh, and I have to add complicate in there. Lately, my life has been turning into a real life Gossip Girl (look out for my blog on GG – I am officially obsessed with those superficial fictional airheads!!!). I don’t mean my best friend did the ‘icky icky’ with my boyfriend or something.

I just mean (in true Laguna Beach words) that there’s just been so much drama! Oh the drama, drama, drama...! If drama is a part of growing up then screw you world and throw back my diaper and toss me back into a cradle – I don’t ever want to grow up.

Needless to say, my personal and social life over the past few... whatever... has been pretty crazy, hysterical and at times just pitiful. But I am back in true Britney form to say ‘It’s [INSERT NAME HERE], bitch!’ and to throw some witty blogs your way. I know, I know... you guys were really hoping I was dead and would leave you alone but I’m afraid I must write! It’s in my blood!

So this was really just a blog that was intended to ‘re-introduce’ me to you guys and also to kind of... well.. you know... apologise... sort of... kind of... for abandoning my MySpace, FanFiction, YouTube and blog... I’M SORRY. Haha, it doesn’t really sound sincere when I put it in block capitals like that, does it?
Hope you’re all having an amazing spring!

(Ohh yeaaahh baby, I’m all GG style with my ‘xoxo’ because I’m just so damn cool and... woo... yeah... boogie noogie woogie woogie you guys are wasting your time reading this noogie shoogie smoogie boogie BOO!)

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