Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Elizabeth Hasselbeck Is 'Schooled'

Yesterday (November 4th) The View made for interesting viewing as you can imagine what with its republican whore machine Elizabeth Hasselbeck sat at the main discussion desk.

Idiotically, Elizabeth stated she 'understood the history of black people's racial trauma' because she had been 'schooled and educated.'

Quite rightly, Sherri shot back: 'I don't know if going to many years of school qualifies you to understand when a corporal comes home from serving in Vietnam and he tried to get a cab on the day Martin Luther King died and he tried to get a cab in Boston in uniform and a white cab driver would not pick him up - you can go to school all you want but you CAN NOT understand the anger he might have. He might be angry. He might say things.'

This was of course a response given to Hasselbeck's questioning of Reverend Wright who said America got what it deserved on 9/11.

Watch the hilarity here:

I'm so glad Obama won.

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