Saturday, 11 October 2008

Ashley's Clothes Ban

Disney hottie Ashley Tisdale found herself being banned from taking any clothes home from the High School Musical movie sets, reports Showbiz Spy.

Ash apparently didn't realize Disney bosses wanted the bright pink Sharpay costumes for a museum and so she packed them all away as mementos. I would do the same!

She explains, "I took the wardrobe from the first movie home. We didn't know it was going to be so huge, and Disney wanted the clothes to put in a museum. So when it came to the end of the last two movies I was not allowed any of them."

If I was Ashley Tisdale, I'd screw Disney and be selfish - I wouldn't want to share my outfits with the world. Then again, if I was Ashley Tisdale I wouldn't spend all my time blogging. I'd be out there stealing Zac Efron... duh!

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