Sunday, 21 September 2008

Suri Cruise Made Me Do This

Normally, I don't post news on TomKat or their daughter; Suri... but when I saw JustJared's latest picture update on the Cruise's... I have to admit that my heart of ice melted... well, OK, it didn't completely melt, it kinda defrosted more then anything.

Normally, I'm all for the pro-choice, abort 'em while you can, boo to children hype because let's face it; kids are depressing and boring. They have the attention spam of a walnut. Anything under the age of 12 that approaches me will find me breaking out in hives.

Also, the Cruise's have become a figure of mockery for the public. Nobody really knows what's going on behind closed doors but everyone's guessing it involves some kind of Scientology brain-machine that Tom plugs Katie into for 8 hours a night to charge her up for the next day. I don't believe that. I think if they're still together, still one family unit and they're not breaking up every two days then something in that marriage must be right even if we can't understand it. Of course, the media is determined to tear them down... and I normally don't like to post pictures of them because it normally leads to the debate of 'Is Katie happy? Or isn't she?' I think the Cruise's get enough of that crap without another lowly blogger adding to it.

Of course, I'm breaking my vow because of Suri's cuteness. She is so adorable.

These pictures are of Suri and Tom at BuildABear! I don't care what ANYONE says, Tom Cruise can do something right - look at that kid! She's a sweetie.

More cuteness here

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