Friday, 26 September 2008

Sarah Is A Wonderful Malady

Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar (and my secret lesbian crush... whoops! That's out now!) is set to return to TV!

This is what every crazed Buffy fan has been waiting for. I know. I know. I feel it to, my friends... It's a little prickly sensation called... HAPPINESS.

According to Variety, Gellar could be given a regular spot on HBO with a new show set in Gothan called 'The Wonderful Maladys'. The show would revolve around the dysfunctional lives of three adult siblings who lost their parents at a young age.
It's a far cry from Buffy but it's still Sarah Michelle GELLAR! Come on, people! Be excited.

I guess Sarah's hopes for a big time movie career didn't do so well, then... and now she's come crawling back to TV, eh? Heh... Still love her like crazy.

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