Friday, 12 September 2008

The Olsens Are Bad Neighbours

Poor Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen can't seem to get a break these days!

According to PopCrunch, the residents of West Village have branded them 'the neighbours from Hell.'

Speaking to the New York Post, one neighbour stated: “Mary-Kate and Ashley are two spoiled brats who change the character of the neighborhood.”

Furthermore, the residents go onto complain that two GMC Denali SUVs are parked outside the twins’ home every night, serving as a hassle and an eyesore: “You would think there was a government operation going on with the amount of security they have.”

Jeez. SUVs are eyesores now? The Olsens are rich as fuck. Whatever neighbourhood they're living in; I'm pretty sure it's filled with other rich-as-fuck people who also drive gas-guzzling man-beast vehicles. HA. They call SUVs eyesores. Well, they're massive, towering mansions hurt my eyes too... I cry and die a little bit every time I drive past one knowing I'll never see what the inside of one looks like...

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