Saturday, 20 September 2008

Miley Was Inspired By Nick

Hannah Montana starlet Miley Cyrus emotionally revealed to M magazine that Nick Jonas and his struggle with diabetes has been a real inspiration for her and her own struggles with her health.

Miley spoke, ‘I was on tour with the Jonas Brothers last year and I kept getting really sick.

One night Nick stopped by my room and I wasn’t feeling great. He suggested that I test my blood sugar like he does, since he’s diabetic. I did, and my blood sugar was really low, it was bad! After that, I went to my doctor to get really checked out. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia, which means my blood sugar was always really low and I couldn’t get it back up.'

Together, Nick helped Miley change her lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. ‘I became much more aware of the food I ate, because what I was eating before was pretty bad for me. When I’m on tour it can get bad. I’m constantly exercising so much on stage that I get really thin! Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, it can be too much.

My body just burns through the food I put in it so fast. When that happens, I make an effort to only eat healthy meals and chill out with the exercise. Watching Nick manage his diabetes over the years has been a real inspiration to me. It makes me feel like, ‘If Nick Jonas can do it, I can, too!’ I have to keep going and put on a brave face.’

So that explains why Miley is so reed-thin! Nonetheless, I understand she has a serious medical condition but heck, if it burns through calories like that... I might want a little hypo myself - beats lipo! OK, that was disgusting. I should not make fun of or belittle medical illnesses. What I find interesting about this is is that it reveals under piece to the jigsaw puzzle that is the Niley relationship. It's showing how the two bonded and why they were so compatible. Why they broke up is, after all, obvious to us all!

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