Monday, 15 September 2008

Lindsay Hits Paparazzi?

Photobucket claim on their site this morning:
What in the name of Kanye West has gotten into Lindsay Lohan?

Lilo was heading into The Bowery Hotel in NYC tonight -- the same place J.Lo is throwing is throwing a birthday party for Marc Anthony -- when she tripped over a metal barricade that had been set up. According to our guy on the scene, Lindsay must have thought one of the paps tripped her -- because she turned around and punched a photog in the nose!

She was on the phone at the time and, after the punch, told whoever she was talking to, "Oh my God, I just hit a paparazzi."

Cops were called to the scene, but no charges were made.

Video to follow ...

I for one can't wait for this video. It will be Lindsay socking it to some jerk who in any other situation would be the one arrested for harassing her!

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