Sunday, 21 September 2008

Demi Can't Be Sixteen

As much as I love Demi Lovato, these new promo pics for her album 'Don't Forget' seem a little risque for a sixteen year olds photoshoot.

I know, I know, I'm being a prude and being old and annoying and all that 'get with the times, grandma' jazz but come on?

Black stillettos?

The leather gloves?

The tight leather pants - which I know are seriously in style right now but still...?

The coyly sinking her teeth on a microphone's cord?

I just find Disney and Hollywood Records a little hypocritical that they want their stars to not show any flesh but it's OK to nonetheless have photoshoots filled with sexual innuendos? And no, this is not me reading into this photoshoot a little too closesly, a guy I know (not by choice!) saw these and was like 'I'd like to bounce her off my pee-pee!' My response 'She's sixteen, bucko.' That put a damper on things... I hope.

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