Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Cody Linley Isn't Perfect

Disney star Cody Linley sat down with teeny-bopper magazine Tigerbeat and confessed he has really bad skin! What teenager doesn't, Cody, what teenager doesn't? Probably some inhuman plastic freak of a teenager manufactured by Disney scientists...

Cody confesses: ‘I dealt with acne growing up and was very self conscious about it, especially when I had to go to school. My brothers teased me. I think my worst enemy was the mirror. I would say, ‘Oh my gosh, this is horrible. Everyone is going to laugh at me!’

It became a bigger problem when I had to go on auditions. Being in front of the camera there’s a lot of pressure to have clear skin. I tried a bunch of different products and finally found BenzClin, which my dermatologist recommended. It worked and as my skin cleared up I began to feel more confident.’

Well, Cody's not alone. Cameron Diaz and Jesse McCartney are also humans who get zits.

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