Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Britney Doesn't Take Candy From Strangers


Sorry everyone but it turns out that the so-called 'leak' from Brit's new album 'Circus' isn't a leak. It's actually a fake created by some clever rappers who schemed to fool us all - damn them, they know us too well, they say 'BRITNEY LEAK' and we jump! reports:
Shawn adds clarification - When Meghan says ’sound board’ and ‘put this thing together’ that is girl-speak for - a bunch of up-and-coming rappers with a home studio and a friend who sounds quite a bit like Britney Spears recycled an old beat and sent it to gullible radio stations eager for pageviews. Could it be a demo? Sure, but it’s not likely. The original source of this leak was a YouTube video uploaded on an account that was created in the last 24 hours. It’s a publicity stunt of some kind and several excited folks, us included, fell for it. I can guarantee one thing, if a Britney song does leak, you’re going to find it here. Will we trip over a few fakes on the way? Maybe.

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