Sunday, 21 September 2008

Big Rob Is Feeling the Love Bug

The Jonas Brothers main man and security force Big Rob offers a little insight into the craziness we've been seeing through paparazzi pictures and videos lately on his online blog over at Ryan Seacreast's website.

Big Rob's latest update: (And can I just say, even this guy's Internet speak is 100% gangster! It must be funny as hell for him, hanging out with three white guys... maybe he can teach them a thing or two about the streets!)
What up everybody!!

We are live from the LOVE BUG video shoot. Ya’ll aint even ready for what we bout to drop.
You’ll start hearin L Bug on KIIS in a hot minute so make sure to roll your winders down and step up your game when you hear that thru your speaks.

LA has been good so far...haven’t had a chance to shut my eyes but it’s all good. Finishing up the 3D movie this weekend and then we start filming J.O.N.A.S. for Disney next week.
The City of Hope event last Sunday here in Cali was a big success and it was
nice to be a part of such a special cause.

Next week is a big week for my girl Demi Lovato...Her album drops Tuesday 9/23 so get yourself a copy. Don’t Forget!

I’ll be back at you soon.

I’m out for now.

LA’s Finest,

-Big Rob

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